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Pet Friendly Apartments in Winnipeg

Pet Friendly Apartments in Winnipeg

Pet Friendly Apartments in Winnipeg

Imagine coming home from an exhausting day to your furry friend rushing up to you and embracing you. That’s a dream come true for many Winnipeggers. The number of pet-friendly apartment rentals has increased because renters have discovered that tenants with pets stay longer. Whether it’s a 1-bedroom pet friendly apartment, or a 2-bedroom pet friendly apartment, or a 3-bedroom pet friendly apartment for rent in Winnipeg, there are a few pet-friendly options.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a pet friendly apartment:

Narrowing Down Your Listings

As a pet parent, you should first narrow your listings in the search to a pet-friendly apartment for rent. Winnipeg will show a variety of options but none that include best in class suites like Sachi apartments. This also helps weed out listings you shouldn’t waste your time or energy on. Pet-friendly rental properties explicitly mention it on their websites, making the process easier and more time efficient. 

What Pet Rules Apply?

Even pet-friendly apartments have rules. It’s best to look them up in advance, so you know what to expect when looking at them.

Some rental properties might only allow certain breeds in the building if you have a dog. Depending on your pet type, its size and weight, they may or may not be allowed to stay. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.

Prepare Your Pet’s Resume

Your pet might be your favorite animal, but your future landlord should know what to expect. On a pet resume, you can mention your pet’s positive attributes like not making much noise. This will help convince your landlord to let them stay.

What Are the Pet Fees If Any?

Your pet is like a roommate, which is why most rental properties charge an additional fee. It’s better to ask about the fees for different breeds and types of pets in advance so later revelations don’t sour the deal.  If you have a fish, for example, the additional fees might not be much depending on the rental property.

Pet-Friendly Locality and Amenities

Finding the perfect home for you and your pet shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why we’ve simplified the process as much as possible. Ultimately, you should trust your gut as a pet parent. We hope one of the pet friendly homes at Sachi Apartments, opening in October, will meet your needs.

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